Welcome to Belvedere family restaurant in Paleokastritsa!

belvedere_entrance.jpgIf we were to express our feeling about the magical region of Paleokastritsa in one word, then most certainly we should choose the word “awesome”. For it is only awe that you can fell when you catch sight of the impregnable fortress of Angelokastro. The view takes the breath away and gives the impression that it was names thus because it was heard that you might speak with angels.

It is awe-inspiring when you dive into the cool seawater at Paleokastritsa and observe the magic of its depths, or when you scramble up the stiff cliffs to scan the views of the marvelous Nature. Caves cliffs and lush vegetation emerge from a translucent, sparklingly clear sea, confirming the reputation of the area as a classic resort of the highest quality.

The Monastery of the Blessed Virgin which was established in 1225, the enchanting, traditional villages, the excellent wine and above all our family who  runs Belvedere Restaurant have created all this remain in the hearts of our visitors as a shining example of the very special Corfiot cuisine and culture.

Belvedere is located in the heart of Paleokastritsa above platakia bay with extra ordinary sea views.We have been open for 40 years and eversince we serve our dear customers with the best materials that we feed our family.

Our restaurant is open from the beginning of May till the end of October. We serve mostly traditional greek dishes and mediteranean cuisine.